Sala Abogados


SALA ABOGADOS, in a general form, fulfils the requirements that we consider fundamental for the running of whatever professional group. Technical competence, full involvement and responsibility by all the staff in the matters entrusted to us, and clarity with the client; such general criteria, obviously, are scrupulously respected during the relationship with the client.

The office is constituted by a permanent group, organized as the following plan shows:

  • Ricard Sala Camarena, solicitor partner of the firm and General Coordinator of the office.
  • Ma del Carmen Sala Berendes, solicitor with wide experience in claims derived from banking and financial contracting. Graduate degree in Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Francisco Bellvert Cánovas,  solicitor.
  • Maria del Mar Fanjul Martinez, solicitor.

Within the juridical field there does not exist watertight departments, which makes it necessary to have versatile professionals capable of giving legal assistance that the client might need at any gíven time. That is why, and without detriment to each solicitor’s specific area of specialisation, we work collectively on matters, or in stages, bringing together our strengths for the best defence of the interests of the client.

All the solicitors in the company are insured for civil responsibility derived from the performance of their profession, through a policy endorsed by the  College of Solicitors of Alicante.