Sala Abogados

How we work

  • Communication client/solicitor. Personal communication of one of our members of the company with a person or persons designated by the client, according to the nature, problem or matter to be handled. The Company is to be found in complete readiness to use English and French for communication and work, apart from the strictly official languages of the Spanish State. The firm can also use for work German and Russian, through translators that habitually collaborate with us.
  • Precise information. Concrete information about the matter in hand, supplied by the counsel in each phase of the process in a particular case.
  • Periodic meetings. Periodic meetings are planned, with a frequency deemed advisable, where our staff will provide general information on the current state of affairs of the matter in hand.
  • Telephone assistance. At all times telephone assistance and answers are available to give legal advice and help in respect to the problems that occur in the normal procedures of the case, or questions that may arise.
  • Personal attention and responsibility about a particular matter. Our Company undertakes that all contentious matters of the client entrusted to us will be attended to by at least two lawyers, who, consequently, will know the problem profoundly and will be in a condition to act procedurally and inform the client at all times.
  • Transactional agreements. In order to seek the swiftest and most effective solution possible to a conflict, we will always give special attention to negotiations, mediation and transactions that avoid the solution of problems having to be made in a court of law.